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Saaiesh Group

Parent company of Ayursesha, Diet n Fit, and The Kindle Pro.


Ayursesha, a premier Ayurvedic Products E-commerce Website.

Diet n Fit

Diet n Fit, the Fitness Studio (GYM) where health meets innovation

The Kindle Pro

A digital marketing agency committed to illuminating brands.

Our Employees' Reviews

Shailesh Paswan Sales and Marketing Manager

The Saaiesh group has been a fantastic workplace for me. With 5 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, I can confidently say that the company's vision and strategies align well with industry trends. The management is supportive, and there is a healthy collaborative atmosphere that fosters innovation. I appreciate the opportunities for professional growth and the dynamic challenges that keep me motivated. Overall, a great experience so far.

Manisha Web Developer

Working as a Web Developer at Saaiesh has been an enriching experience. The projects are diverse, challenging, and the team is extremely collaborative. The company places a strong emphasis on staying current with the latest technologies, which has allowed me to enhance my skills significantly. The work-life balance is reasonable, and I feel appreciated for my contributions. I'm excited about the future and the innovative projects we have in the pipeline.

Varsha Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer at Saaiesh, I have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects that have allowed me to showcase my creativity. The team is supportive, and there is a positive work environment that encourages experimentation. The management values the input of the creative team, making it an ideal place for someone in the early stages of their career like me. Looking forward to more creative collaborations in the future.

Ashsish Rajora SEO Executive

My journey as an SEO Executive with Saaiesh has been rewarding. The company is proactive about staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The leadership is approachable, and there are ample opportunities for professional development. The work culture is inclusive, and the team is always ready to explore new strategies to improve our SEO efforts. It's been a great experience contributing to the company's online visibility.

Kalash SEO Executive

In my one year at Saaiesh as an SEO Executive, I've found a supportive environment that values creativity and initiative. The learning curve has been steep, with opportunities to work on diverse projects. The company's commitment to staying at the forefront of SEO trends has been beneficial for my professional growth. The teamwork and collaboration make it an enjoyable workplace, and I'm excited about what the future holds.

Jagriti Acountant

As an Accountant at Saaiesh, I appreciate the precision and attention to detail the company upholds. The management is transparent, and there's a strong focus on financial integrity. The work environment is congenial, and the team's professionalism makes the workplace comfortable. I'm grateful for the learning experiences and look forward to contributing further to the company's financial success.

Ankit HR

Working in HR at Saaiesh has been a fulfilling experience. The company places a strong emphasis on employee well-being, and there are various initiatives to foster a positive work culture. The leadership is open to feedback, and there's a genuine concern for professional development. It's been a pleasure contributing to the company's growth by ensuring a happy and productive workforce. I look forward to continued success with Saaiesh.